The (double) Primorial sieve  &  Prime spirals E-mail

This website is set up to share  the (double) primorial sieve,  the unraveling of the Ulam spiral and  the segmented prime spirals  with the general public. No effort was made to develope a brand new webdesing. An existing website was ransacked.

This project started in  2008  by placing a prime number on the  short side  of  a primitive Pythagorean triangle.
The results of  the (double) primorial sieve  led to  the unraveling of the Ulam spiral  and supplies a possible explanation for the  (9, 1)  last digit preverence of prime numbers.
The counterclockwise Ulam spiral in a Cartesian coordinate sytem led to the prime spirals with infinitely many segments.

At the  end of 2016  there was no known other claim for the discovery of  the (double) primorial sieve  or the  solving of the mystery of the Ulam spiral conundrum.


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